After seven hours of intensive deliberation between the federal government team and representatives of labour unions, the ongoing negotiation on Nigeria’s minimum wage adjustment ended inconclusively.

The negotiation meeting, which started on Tuesday, is yet to reach a resolution as at Thursday morning.

However, both parties agreed to adjourn the meeting till 7pm on Thursday to continue deliberation

The federal government had failed to reach a truce with labour over the new minimum wage. The Nigeria Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress want the full implementation of the N30,000 new minimum wage and its consequential adjustments.

The government, which approved the new wage , has failed so far to implement it.

Last week, labour threatened a nationwide industrial action if the government failed to show commitment to the full implementation of the new wage.

The main controversy is the percentage salary increase for certain categories of workers.

Labour is demanding a 29 percent salary increase for officers on salary level 07 to 14 and 24 per cent adjustment for officers on salary grade level 15 to 17.

The federal government had presented a proposal of 11 percent salary increase for officers on grade 07-14 and 6.5 percent adjustment for workers of grade level 15-17

An agreement by both parties will be an indication that there would be no nationwide strike.


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