Ten people in Kwara State have died after consuming  local herbal mixture described  to be a cure for foot infection.
The Kwara Police Command Public Relations Officer, SP. Ajayi Okasanmi, disclosed this in a statement on Wednesday  in Ilorin.
 According to him, one Ibrahim Bonnie of Fulani camp Biogberu, via Gwanara, reported at the police station that ten people died in Kwara State on Tuesday, June 22 after consuming a local  herbal mixture described  to be the cure for foot infection.
He said one Okosi Musa and Worugura Junlin, came to his mother, Pennia Bonni of same Fulani camp, who was having a foot infection, with a local herbal mixture purported to be the cure for her ailment.
 She was also told to ensure that all her family members consume the mixture to prevent the spread of the disease to other family members.
According to Okansanmi ,10 members have so far died after taking the herbal mixture .
The Commissioner of Police, Mohammed Lawal Bagega, has ordered an investigation into the incident and advised sick members of the public to seek medical care in recognised medical homes spread across the state to avoid repeat occurrence.

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