Renown software entrepreneur, John McAfee dies in prison.

There have been mix reactions in a prison cell in Barcelona over the death of a Business mogul who produced antivirus, John McAfee.

The software entrepreneur who is currently facing charges of tax evasion in the United States was to be extradited before his death.

The Catalan Justice department confirmed that McAfee committed suicide, and all efforts by the prison medics to resuscitate him proved abortive.

The antivirus company known all over the world was named after its founder who was able to build a wealth empire, a multi-billion dollar industry.

In October 2020, the Spanish government allegedly accused McAfee of defrauding Spain, after confirming his involvement in tax evasion, despite accruing wealth from crypto-currencies, book deals, speaking engagements, and consulting work.

McAfee was also accused by the US Justice Department of diverting his income into the crypto-currencies exchange, and bank accounts in the names of other nominees.

McAfee was also accused of concealing assets, including real estate, from the US government.

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