The federal government has countered the information going round that United Arab Emirates (UAE) banned all Nigeria’s flight from the UAE as against the banning of Emirates flights in Nigeria by the federal government.

Dr Mukhtar Muhammed of the Presidential Steering Committee on COVID-19, made this known on Thursday.

He said the flight company couldn’t
Uphold its terms and condition as first laid down by the organisation, the main reason why Nigeria banned it.

With the protracted disagreement between the two countries over Covid 19 protocols, the flight agency had on June 12th lifted Nigeria’s ban for flights shuttling between Dubai and Nigeria.

He said, “I believe the Minister of Aviation has provided detailed information to Nigerians about all that has happened between Nigeria and UAE.

“There were ongoing consultations and we were engaging them. The ban is not from UAE. Nigeria is the one who didn’t allow them to come in with their flights because of their discriminations towards Nigeria.

“It is not scientifically right and it is quite discriminatory and that was what we wanted them to address.

“We were waiting for them to address that issue when we saw on the news that they had now banned Nigeria.

“So, actually it is not UAE banning Nigeria; it was Nigeria that banned UAE because we were not comfortable with the conditions laid down by UAE and that is why we did not allow them to resume flights.”

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