The Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom has raised an alarm over the intentions of Fulani to take over Nigeria. He noted that their aim is to conquer the nation.

Governor Ortom made this known during an interview with BBC pidgin at the weekend.

According to him, he said there are relevant documents to back up his claims.

The Fulani Nationality movement claims responsibility for the recent attack on him with claims that Nigeria is their only country.

The Governor of Benue state said he has sent a report to the DSS on the plan by Fulani to take over Nigeria blaming the insecurity challenges on the presidency. He noted that Nigeria is now compared to other warring nations like Afghanistan and Iraq due to its incapacity to tackle the recurrent trend.

He added that the Fulani movement made plans to take over the country in 1800 through Usman Dan Fodio regime but it failed, noting that there’s a new plan in place to carry out their evil acts.

Ortom also disclosed that if the same energy used to tackle secessionists like Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho were put to good use, insurgency within the country will be a thing of the past.

Governor Ortom expressed dissatisfaction over the recent attacks by bandits, however, he noted that there are no unknown gunmen anywhere but rather the Fulanis are to be blamed for bandits attack in the country.

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