Ibraheem Ogunyemi

Fame and popularity can be attained through innumerable means .

In the case of Zazoo Zeh crooner , Habeeb Hakimi , popularly known as Portable ,aka Son of Shaku Shaku  , who was born on March 14 ,1994,  his rise to fame came from the release of his hit single titled ‘Zazoo Zeh featuring Olamide .

The 27 year old who hails from Ogun State was born into a family of four.

The song which was an instant fan favorite was released in December 2021 and is a must have on the mixtape of every disc jockey hosting parties till date.

Since its release on December 14, 2021, the song ‘Zazu Zeh’ has amassed 6.6 million views on YouTube and is one of the most played songs on Spotify, an online audio streaming platform.

Portable on more than one occasion has thanked Olamide , another huge afrobeats artiste, for his rise to fame , pronouncing the many investments Olamide has made into his life .

Ever since his rise to fame , his popularity among public figures have bemused some, with the likes of Obi Cubana  , Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi,  hosting him and gifting him loads of cash .

He has also been spotted with Wizkid , Burna Boy and Timaya.

He has also benefited from sponsored trips to some parts of the world,thanks to prominent socialites.    

Portable is currently on a United Kingdom tour  ,  set to perform in at least three major cities including London, Birmingham, and Manchester.

He however has several songs which have not reached the heights of ‘Zazoo Zeh.’

His latest single is a song titled ‘Ogo Forever’ . The released video has amassed 700,000 views on youtube.

Portable once disclosed that he dropped out of school to focus on his music , describing music as a ‘fast money making machine.’

Like the stories of most conquerors , he has had his fair share of challenges before his rise. Portable has spoken in interviews on how promoters and producers have ripped him off severally and made numerous hollow promises to boost his career .

His fame has come with a lot of controversies, some are more than welcome to his antics while others have found them repelling .

One of the controversies he has courted happened when he uploaded a video while in Kenya on a musical tour. He taunted and embarrassed a Kenyan lady after he rejected a hookup proposal from her. In the video, Portable is heard telling the lady: “We are not here for ‘hook up’. You can go!” The vexatious visual was quickly deleted.

He also apologized after loads of backlash from Kenyans.
He has occasionally also clashed with his manager , fans and the police.

An average individual with access to social media platforms cannot go a day without hearing slang words such as ‘O ti zeh ‘ , ‘Gbe mi de be ‘ . ‘biza biza’ and ‘Zazzoo’.

Months after release of the hit song, the slangs are still very much around , making waves and have practically been inculcated into the average Nigeria’s lingua franca.

Portable is on his way to becoming a household influence in the Afrobeats as his fan base keeps mounting. 

There’s no sign of stopping him anytime soon . 


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