A team of the Nigeria army clashed with students protesting the strike action of the Academic Staff Union Universities on Friday, in Ibadan.

Chaos almost ensued when the Soldiers in an attempt to force their way through barricades almost ran over students with their vehicle.

The video in circulation showed protesting students almost falling off as the military vehicle attempted to advance through them .

The students resumed the protests to show their discontent after talks between ASUU and the Federal Government broke down again .

One of the students, identified simply as Lolo, while recounting the incident said, “the police had already blocked major roads because of the protest too, so we also barricaded our side, but the soldiers just came, suddenly came down with a gun.

“He even cocked his gun as if he was going to shoot, and everybody was surprised. Maybe he was angry or triggered, if his bosses were not there, he would have shot at us.”

Another protester said, “Yes, they almost ran over us, they cocked gun.”

Public tertiary institutions have been shut down for 88 days over the ongoing tussle between the FG and ASUU.


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