After rejecting the presidential nomination and expression of interest forms purchased by coalition of Northern groups, Former President Goodluck Jonathan has finally decided to join the presidential contest on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Jonathan, who had dissociated himself from the Northern group, had described their action as an insult.

However, credible source close to the former President disclosed that he has not only joined the APC formally at his Otuoke ward in Bayelsa, he will also contest for the number one office in the country on the platform of the ruling party.

It is uncontestable fact that politicians, especially in Nigeria, have no modicum of truth. They act shamefully at will without conscience. Or how do we explain the fact that Jonathan who was abused and maligned by the APC will be contesting under the same political party?

Nigerians attaching too much moral value to politicians and expecting political leaders to be truthful is like asking them to give what they don’t have. They are more concerned with their own selfish interests and ambitions than the People’s plight.

From all indications, Jonathan was looking for a consensus ticket, since he does not possess the financial resources to compete in the primaries. His recent maneuvering, especially meetings with the APC national chairman and the Northern groups are testaments of his intentions, yet some Nigerians fell for his trick.

It is obvious no politician is a saviour. We should endeavour to strengthen our institutions. Relying heavily on the false credibility of politicians will do more harm than good. Nigerians should not be deceived by their pretentious and deceptive ways that have brought nation to where it is.

Jonathan should have been straightforward to express his presidential ambition from inception, since he has the constitutional right to contest. There was no need for the games. No need to meander.

Another source has it that the cabal at the presidency wanted Jonathan. This is because he is expected to spend a term of four years, having served previously as president between 2010 and 2015.

Akinyemi Seun

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