Oro festival, an annual traditional celebration in Ikorodu and its environs will hold on Thursday 19th of May 2022.

The festival, according to traditional worshippers is observed to ward off malevolent spirits and ills in the land and usher in goodness and fortunes for natives and residents.

It is practiced in settlements and towns of Yoruba origin in Southwest, Nigeria. While in some communities, the Oro rituals lasts for four days, it differs in other towns, like Ikorodu, where it is for a day as a result of  civilization.

The Iyalode of Ikorodu, Chief Mrs. Afolake Sonubi disclosed that the festival is hugely patriarchal, because it is only observed by male descendants. Female residents are expected to be indoors during the festival, as gruesome death awaits any girl or woman who sees Oro.

Chief Abiodun Awolesi, the Salu Apesi of Ikorodu, explained that, Oro is usually concealed except during the festival. Apart from boosting commercial activities in the town, he said lives and properties will be secured, adding that females and non-natives should stay indoors within the rituals.

At its advent, Oro reveals itself by high pitched whirring sound which is heard in the neighborhood. 

It is believed among traditionalists that Oro makes an appearance wearing a robe with shells and adorns a wide wooden mask with blood smeared on the lips, while the followers make scary incantations in loud voices.

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