The human race is blessed with diverse people with different backgrounds who with their beliefs have their dispositions about marriage. 

The choice of who to marry is important to every adult, while some find it easy to get a partner, others have been challenged for years, a situation that has led to societal pressure for many. 

There are certain qualities that should distinguish your partner from others, only then would marriage be enjoyed and not endured. 

Being ready for marriage means taking up on some responsibilities that keep the relationship going smoothy, a major determinant in which both parties agree on a course of forever. 

The narrative has changed, most couples have allowed the interference of third parties in their decisions which has caused more harm than good. 

Charity they say begin at home. When the home is divided, it begins to tell on the children and their development, a phase that cannot be avoided. 

Cases of domestic violence among couples is no longer news, it has become a recurrent problem within the society. It’s pivotal to state here that homes have been destroyed because of this. How then can this be tackled? The only way forward is to know your partner well before saying “I do”. 

Religious system strongly encourage intending couples to go for counselling sessions, this have been trivialised for years hence the fall out in marriages. 

The quality of marriage is a key factor in the overall health of both individuals, a clear communication between couples create an avenue for dignity and respect among them which would in turn boost their relationship to flourish and grow. 

With the aforementioned, it can be deduced that there’s no right time to get married, however couples must be intentional in making their marriages work, showing Commitment & trust, Acceptance, Forgiveness, and True Love. 

Marriage must be seen as a means to better lives and not the other way round, when making a choice on who to marry, the individual must be careful of his/her choice, hence the need to be smart and not allow the love of money to influence their decision.

Above all, everyone’s mental health must be preserved, because the man or woman you marry will either destroy you or bring out the best in you.

Adeoye Oluwaseun

(c) Globetelly 2022

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