A number of suspects linked to the terrorist attack on St. Francis Catholic Church, Owo, have been apprehended , according to the Ondo State Security Network Agency, codenamed “Amotekun Corps”.

The disclosure was made by the state Commander of Amotekun, Adetunji Adeleye, on Thursday , while parading 71 persons for various criminal activities across Ondo state.

He assured that all perpetrators connected to the massacre will be behind bars soon, adding that operational vehicles and equipment of the attackers have also been confiscated.

“A number of people have been arrested concerning the Owo issue as well as a number of equipment. On that day, we pursued them to the point that we recovered the vehicle and we are still pursuing them. We have told you that until we get to the root, I can assure you that the perpetrators and their sponsors will be brought to book.”

Adeyeye explained that the 71 suspected criminals paraded at the headquarters ,Akure,  were arrested over the last 30 days in connection to various crimes ranging from armed robbery, cattle rustling, kidnapping, raping, fraud and human trafficking.

He assured the people that the corps would not rest on its oars until it rids the state of criminal elements, saying, “there is no hiding place for them. They turned the heat on us and we have also turned the heat on them.”

The suspected terrorists invaded the   St. Francis Catholic church on June 5, killing no fewer than 40 people and injuring many other worshippers.


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