A Rivers State High Court has sentenced police sergeant, James Imhalu, to death by hanging for murder.

Imhalu was found guilty of killing a commercial driver in 2015 over his refusal to pay a bribe of N100.

Justice Elsie Thompson, delivering the judgment, said evidence before the court showed that the sacked sergeant intentionally fired a shot at the commercial driver, Legbara David, at Whimpey Junction, Port Harcourt.

Justice Thompson described Imhalu as a serial trigger-happy policeman, stating that such should not be allowed to remain in the society.

The prosecution counsel, Kingsley Briggs expressed that it was quite unfortunate that the family of the deceased had to lose their bread winner. He believes that justice had at last been served. In his words, “although the will of justice grinds slowly, surely justice will come”.

On the other hand, a representative from the Legal Aid Council in Rivers State, Barrister Awaji who defended the sergeant, said his team would study the judgement to know the next line of action.

However according to him, “Today’s judgement I will say is justice for the people of Rivers state”.

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