Ibraheem Ogunyemi

Nigeria is currently witnessing the worst level of fragility and insecurity since the advent of the democratic era .

According to the Nigerian security tracker, there have been over 55,000 deaths due to insecurity and violent acts between May 2015 and July 2022.

Boko Haram has been responsible for many of these deaths.

There is another terrorist group , Islamic State West Africa Province , who have been rather audacious in their activities , they were behind the recent Kaduna-Abuja train attack where 62 people were kidnapped .

Although some have been released after paying ransoms, the government has largely played little or no role in aiding the victims .

This year alone , several attacks have been made on many churches where people have lost their lives ,not to mention the countless cases of abductions .

Most recently , threats have been made by a section of ISWAP about a coordinated attack in some states including Lagos, Kaduna and others.

Fear and anxiety is in the air like never before , all private schools in Abuja have been shut down indefinitely over the latest unsettling news spreading .

All these beg the question , what is the government doing or more importantly , not doing ?

Is it a case of lack of personnel , lack of strategy or lack of interest in securing the lives of Nigerian citizens .

Despite the rifeness of banditry , the nationwide demand for state policing continues to fall on deaf ears time and time again .

Things have gotten so bad that some lawmakers are calling for the impeachment of President Muhammadu Buhari .

Ironically , President Buhari was in Liberia a few days ago to give a speech on the state of security in West Africa.

As the current administration’s tenure runs its clock , it is clear as crystal that the leadership got it terribly wrong in the security sector .

Some might describe the current situation as a great threat to the existence of our federation, rightfully so !


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