In Nigeria today, especially amongst youths, “Urgent 2k” has become the new normal.

Although it is a valid currency, many see it as more than an emergency fund,  a lifesaver, and perhaps a life jacket when you are drowning. In fact, this currency has been recognised to be the cause of several relationship break-ups and a number of fallouts.

It is mostly used to describe the teeming request of financial support by Nigerian ladies from their male counterparts. This cliche is sometimes posted on their WhatsApp  status or they slide into the DM of different guys to announce the need for urgent financial rescue. Users of Facebook take advantage of “mutual friends” device to make requests, so that individuals can see and possibly come to their aid.

 This “Urgent 2k” is sometimes two thousand naira literarily or it can also be amounts a little more than that depending on the “negotiating skill” of the one asking. Whether the guys are gullible or not is a different thing entirely. More so, if it is not working, it won’t be trending.

No doubt, ladies have needs. While some of them fend for themselves through dint of hard work, many depend on random men to meet their needs. Little wonder “urgent 2k is almost seen as the shortest way to meet needs.

We hardly hear of things like this before the advent of social media. This begging style may have been enhanced through online platforms, but technology experts believe social media is neither good nor bad. What individuals make of it depend on their values in life.

Quite a lot of people will understand that at times someone may  need others to render financial assistance, either as students or single guys or ladies, but it should not be a norm. Some people even go to the extent of lying heavily to suit there escapades.

Adamu Ashile, a trader in Mushin, had an unpleasant experience on ” urgent 2k” from an acquaintance who requested for two thousand naira to quickly get medication for her leg which she sustained injury on. Out of pity, he sent the money to the lady, after which he discovered that he was deceived. The lady never had bruises around that time.

“This girls are fraudulent in there ways. How can one display act of kindness again when they lie of having ailment or involved in accidents. This girls don’t have the fear of God”, he said.

Chioma James wasn’t so lucky. She had approached a male friend for “urgent 2k”.

She said “After reaching out to him. He refused to grant the request. When I persisted, he asked me to come down to the site and made me work for an hour, before giving me the money “.

American based public speaker and social commentator, Reno Omokri has advised young men who are still struggling to desist from sending money to ladies. In a lengthy speech on Instagram, Reno explained that some ladies are fond of using men to fund their lavish lifestyle.

“A fool can be described as a man with an iPhone 10 who sends money to a girl that sends him an ‘urgent 2k’ text with an iPhone 12. These girls are marketers. They have their daily target. You are not special to her. You are just one mugu among her many Maliyamungus. Transactional intercourse is devastating your reasoning faculty…And you are there trading in the shares of urgent 2k gangs. At the end of the day, you will start blaming your innocent village people for your predicament.” He said.


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