Japa” is a Yoruba slang that could represent leaving a place hurriedly or running away as fast as anyone can. The trending term by Nigerians, especially young people describes leaving the borders of the country for greener pastures overseas.

From finding a new career path to seeking a new lease of life, there seems to be no end to the reasons why Nigerians leave the country.

Some people travel for the sake of education, while others leave the country due to employment offers and the opportunity to relocate their families abroad.

Nigeria is regarded as the giant of Africa. With massive population, being oil producer and with very large economy, she ranks top among comity of African nations.

Despite these advantages, good leadership and managerial skills seems not to find expression in the decisions of officials at the helm of affairs.

Insecurity still remain a hydra headed demon the nation battles with as Nigerians still complain of banditry and kidnapping. These  heinous activities in  certain parts of the country have resulted death, loss of properties and homelessness for thousands. 

While these situations scare lots of average individuals to make alternative plans, many middle-class Nigerians are also heading overseas, hoping for a better environment to secure their future.

Prominent in the list of those who have relocated is the winner of the sixth edition of the now-rested Big Brother Africa, Karen Igho-Rakos.

Ms Karen shot into the limelight after winning the Big Brother Africa reality show in 2011.Popular artiste, Adekunle Gold has also left the country, though his reasons are shrouded in secrecy. 

Fred Acho, a banker is looking forward to jetting out of the country soon after he lost his job with a new generation bank during the company’s downsizing.

“This country has no regard for hardworking people. The government doesn’t provide enabling environment for business to thrive, the private sector is all about nepotism. Imaging all my years of labour, yet they ask me to leave just like that. I have started the process. Leaving this country is the best thing to do”. He said.

For 38 years old Adewale Oladun, a computer engineer and resident of Texas, US since 2019, assisting other Nigerian youths to achieve their dreams of relocating abroad gives him joy.

“Nigeria has failed the youths. I don’t blame whoever wants to leave the country. You can’t sleep with two eyes closed anymore. I am giving support to as many as need my help to fly out. No job, no food e.t.c. This is no more the Nigeria of our dreams” said Oladun

Tunmise Alademehin went as far as selling the only building bequeathed to her by the late parents. She laments the increase in kidnapping and banditry activities in the country. She disclosed that her neighbour was abducted and later killed, though ransom of #5,000,000 was paid.

” I am tired of waking up to news of terror daily. I lost my parents just two years ago to motor accident and it is too early to for me to go and join them. I had to sell the only property my parents left behind to fund my trip. The other day, a neighbour down the street was taking away by unknown gun men. They demanded for #10,000,000 as ransom, but just because the man’s family only raised half of it, they killed him and still collected the money, and nobody is talking about it”. She said

However, with the many challenges confronting the country at the moment, running away completely from our fears may not be the best solution. It behoves on all stakeholders, particularly the youths to rise up and be intentional in the quest of seeing better days ahead. There is  a glimpse of hope for Nigeria, with the coming elections in 2023. All hands must be on deck, so that credible and forward looking candidates can be elected to steer the wheel of the country.

Akinyemi Seun

(c) Globe telly

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