The kind of groove attached to the hip hop genre is so sensational, that the society relates better with this type of music than others, it has created a class of its own making it stand out from other genres of music.

Its relevance in this part of the world cannot be overlooked, it has formed an ideology in the hearts of the listeners particularly the youths. This class of music isn’t bad after all, the energy that resonates with the hip hop music is unique and well appreciated.

As far back as the 90s, the fuji class of music used to be in vogue with so much values, adults would rather listen to fuji music than any other type of music. In modern times the story has changed with so much craving for hip hop music.

Every style of music has its own importance, be it good or bad. Hiphop music in a way has encouraged a whole lot of negative acts through its lyrics and messages, upcoming artists with lesser understanding could also be blamed for promoting all sorts in their songs not considering the effects on the society.

Hiphop music becomes bad when its lyrics promotes sexual immorality, fraudulent activities, and substances use. Every dick and harry has turned hip hop music into business venture, maybe because of the fame or monetary benefits. Be that as it may, it’s only wise for the society to filter out songs that don’t have any moral value.

The older generation enjoyed good life, artists that began their career at that time are still being appreciated till today with a a lot at stake, lives were remodeled and reshaped. People who would have gone astray were drawn back into living a better life. This happened because artists of that time were interested in creating a value system that the society could fall back to, which was clearly achieved.

With the evolution of more songs in the Nigerian airwave, the internet, television, and radio has played a huge role in the dissemination of new contents. As good as this is, it also has aided and promoted some negative effects which need to be addressed before it becomes a menace to the society.

Authorities who place high premium on instilling moral values could do better by checking out all songs before they are released into the airspace, although upcoming artists go through the back door to promote their songs on YouTube and other social media platforms.

The society would be a much better place to live in if every individual understands the fact that not all songs must be listened to, as parents or guardians it has now become necessary to check the contents their wards listen to and prevent being corrupt by the ills of the society. The government should also come up with more stringent measures that would encourage these artists to be modest in their lyrics.