Fellow Nigerians,

I address you today, with a deep sense of gratitude to God and a high level of appreciation to all Nigerians whose tremendous goodwill gave me the opportunity to provide leadership for our great country at one of the trying times in her history.

Conscious that today’s address would be my last on an Independence Day as your President; I speak to the millions of Nigerians, who believed in me, propelled and stood by me in my quest to bequeath a country where all citizens have equal opportunities to achieve their lives desires in a peaceful atmosphere.

I am honoured to say that my story in the annals of Nigeria’s history is no household secret. My various attempts, failures and eventual success in being elected as a Democratic President in 2015 was made possible by the majority of Nigerians.

When you elected me, I readily acknowledged that the tasks before me were daunting but surmountable because of the growing national consensus that our chosen route to national development was democracy.

This democracy was to be anchored on a clear understanding, application and the principles of separation of powers supported by a reformed public service that is more effective.
I then pledged to Improve the Economy, Tackle Corruption and Fight Insecurity and this was further strengthened by my commitment to lift 100 million Nigerians out of poverty in ten years as the central plank of my second term in 2019.

To the Glory of God and His Grace as well as the commitment and passion displayed by many Nigerian supporters, we have made appreciable progress in these areas but not yet at our destination.

Mindful of the task before us, we took some time in settling down and we re-positioned the Economy by providing strategic interventions in core areas at both the Federal and Sub-National levels.

One of the areas where we have made significant progress is in the eradication of deeply entrenched corruption that permeates all facets of our national development.
We strengthened the Institutions for tackling corruption and also cultivated international support, which aided the repatriation of huge sums of money illegally kept outside the country.

The increasing number of prosecutions and convictions, with associated refunds of large sums of money is still ongoing. Furthermore, we would continue to block opportunities that encourage corrupt practices.
In order to address Insecurity, we worked methodically in reducing Insurgency in the North East, Militancy in the Niger Delta, Ethnic and Religious Tensions in some sections of Nigeria along with other problems threatening our country.

Our efforts in re-setting the economy manifested in Nigeria exiting two economic recessions by the very practical and realistic monetary and fiscal measures to ensure effective public financial management. In addition, the effective implementation of the Treasury Single Account and cutting down on the cost of governance also facilitated early exits from recessions.

Fellow Nigerians, this administration removed several decades uncertainty for potential Investors in the Oil & Gas sector with the passage of the Petroleum Industry Act, 2021. This landmark legislation created opportunities for foreign investments in addition to improving transparency in the management of the sector.

Our administration has given the desired priority to the Agricultural Sector through a series of incentives to Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises that resulted in creating millions of jobs. Leading this initiative, the Central Bank of Nigeria’s intervention in a number of areas as well as the Anchor Borrowers Programme had created the required leverages for Nigerians towards self-sufficiency in food and the necessary attraction for farming as a business.
The growing contribution of non-oil exports, especially in agriculture, information and communication technology as well as the performing arts to our national economy will enhance our foreign exchange earning capacity.
We are confronting current economic challenges such as debt burden, growing inflation, living standards and increasing unemployment accentuated by our growing youthful population. These problems are globally induced and we would continue to ensure that their negative effects are addressed in our policies.

This administration will continue to ensure that our fiscal policies are supported by a robust and contemporary monetary policy that recognises our peculiarities in the midst of the growing global economic difficulties.
This is evidenced by the recent Monetary Policy Committee decision to maintain all parameters, especially interest rates and marginally increased the Monetary Policy Rate (MPR) from 14% to 15.5% and the Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) from 27.5% to 32.5%. It is projected that this would further insulate our economy from over exposure to uncertainties at the international market by restraining growth in core inflation.

As we continue to de-escalate the security challenges that confronted us at inception of this administration, newer forms alien to our country began to manifest especially in the areas of kidnappings, molestations/killings of innocent citizens, banditry, all of which are being addressed by our security forces.
I share the pains Nigerians are going through and I assure you that your resilience and patience would not be in vain as this administration continues to reposition as well as strengthen the security agencies to enable them to deal with all forms of security challenges.

At the inception of this administration in 2015, I provided the funding requirements of the security agencies which was also improved in my second tenure in 2019 to enable them to surmount security challenges. We will continue on this path until our efforts yield the desired results.
As we put in place all measures to ensure that Nigeria takes her place in the Comity of Nations, we recognize the importance of a well-educated populace as a panacea to most of the challenges we face.
We have, therefore, pursued policies and implemented programmes designed to create a literate and proficient society that ensures that citizens are availed with opportunities for life-long achievements.

I must confess that I am very pained by the recurring disruption to our tertiary education system and I am using this Independence Day celebration to re-iterate my call for the striking Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) to return to the classroom while assuring them to deal with their contending issues within the limits of the scarce resources available. This administration has made appreciable progress in redressing these issues that have been lingering for over eleven years.
The Federal Government will continue to mobilize resources both internationally and nationally towards funding education to ensure that our citizens are well educated and skilled in various vocations in view of the fact that education is a leading determinant of economic growth and employment generation.
Fellow Nigerians, we have also improved our health facilities, especially during and after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which attracted commendation of the global community.

As you are aware, Nigeria was one of the countries that defied global predictions of the socio-economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic because of our resilience, commitment and passion with which we individually and collectively managed the pandemic.
This administration embarked on addressing critical ecological challenges across the country in order to mitigate the impact of Climate Change manifesting in the form of flood, soil erosion, desertification, air pollution amongst others
We will continue to ensure that our infrastructure drive remains the key to Nigeria’s economic growth and for which every Nigerian will feel the impact.
The Federal Government is already expanding ports operations to ensure that they provide opportunities for the growth of the Nigerian economy.

We have also continued to accelerate our infrastructure development through serviceable and transparent borrowing, improved capital inflow & increased revenue generation by expanding the tax bases and prudent management of investment proceeds in the Sovereign Wealth Fund.
To further open up our communities to economic activities, we have continued to boost our railway infrastructure with the completion of a good number of critical railways and at the same time rehabilitating as well as upgrading obsolete equipment.

I am pleased to inform my fellow citizens that besides our emphasis on infrastructural development with its attendant opportunities for job creation, employment generation and subsequent poverty reduction, our focussed intervention directly to Nigerians through the National Social Investment Programme is also yielding benefits.
There is hardly any ward, village or local government in Nigeria today that has not benefited from one of the following: N-Power, trader-moni, market moni, subsidized loans, business grants or Conditional Cash Transfers.
All the aforementioned programmes along with various interventions by the National Social Investment programme, direct support to victims of flooding and other forms of disasters have provided succor to the affected Nigerians.

Fellow Nigerians, no matter what gains we make, without a good governance system anchored on electing credible leaders on the basis of free, fair, credible and transparent elections, our efforts would not be enough.
It is for this reason that I have resolved to bequeath a sustainable democratic culture which will remain lasting. The signing of the Electoral Act 2021 as amended with landmark provisions further assures us of a more transparent and inclusive Electoral Process.
Having witnessed at close quarters, the pains, anguish and disappointment of being a victim of an unfair electoral process, the pursuit of an electoral system and processes that guarantee election of leaders by citizens remains the guiding light as I prepare to wind down our administration.

You would all agree that the recent elections in the past two years in some states (notably Anambra, Ekiti and Osun) and a few federal constituencies have shown a high degree of credibility, transparency and freedom of choice with the people’s votes actually counting. This I promise would be improved upon as we move towards the 2023 General Elections.

As we begin the transition process to another democratically elected government, I want to implore all aspirants to conduct issues-based campaigns devoid of hate speeches as well as other negative and divisive tendencies.
I also want to express my wish that we see more female and youth participation in the forth-coming electoral cycle. I am sure that our teeming and energetic youths now realise that violence generally mar elections and so should desist from being used by politicians for this purpose.
Reforms in the public sector are already yielding results especially in the delivery of services. On this note, I urge the general public to demand for citizen-centred services from the relevant authorities.

On the international front, we have continued to take advantage of our bilateral and multilateral platforms to explore cooperation with friendly countries and partners whenever these areas of cooperation are to the advantage of Nigeria.

Fellow Nigerians, in the past few years we have witnessed and overcome a good number of challenges that would ordinarily have destroyed our Nation. However, the indefatigable spirit of the Nigerian people has ensured that we overcome our challenges.
It is in this spirit that I call on all of us to individually and collectively bring to the fore in dealing with all our development issues.
I was called to serve, along with my team, I saw an opportunity to create a better Nigeria which we have done with the support of Nigerians. Almighty God and the good people of Nigeria supported us in laying a solid foundation for the Nigeria of our dreams. I thank you all and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Ibraheem Ogunyemi

Reports of bullying in schools in Nigeria are on the rise and show no signs of abating .

Bullying comes in various forms and can have long-term psychological impacts on victims .

Some students have died painfully and untimely while some have sustained long lasting injury, both physically and mentally.

Experts revealed that this menace could result in low self-esteem for victims, increased violence and juvenile crime within the school environments.

 A worrying statistic shows that 70 percent of bullied students did not report the incident while 27 percent said they reported the incident. Also, of the 27 percent who mentioned that they reported, 41 percent of them claimed that nothing was done to the perpetrators after they were reported.

 Bullying has become somewhat acceptable in schools and students are sometimes expected to adapt .

An entrepreneur, Michael Udoh, while recounting his experience at Federal Government College, Idoani, said: “We were told that some seniors locked-up a junior student in a dark wardrobe or locker and left him there for days, and he died. We were told how some senior students beat a boy till he passed out, was rushed to the hospital and confirmed dead on arrival.

“There have been several cases of students’ deaths due to bullying and torture, and government does not prosecute or fire any teacher or member of staff who are being paid to groom the young ones.

“I remember the case of one of my classmates who was impregnated by a teacher in my school. She was less than 16, at the time, which automatically makes the sex statutory rape. She tried to commit an abortion, there were medical complications and she almost died. She survived though. This girl was expelled.

 Our principal at the time blamed it on those of us wearing shorts and tight uniforms, while the teacher continued teaching in that school.”

An educationist, Mrs. Toluwani Adams, said children being bullied would not like to inform their teachers in order not to be betrayed. “I have discovered that children do not like reporting their bullies, the only way to know that a child is being bullied is through behavioural change. This means teachers must be watchful; the signs are always there to show that a child is being bullied. For example, if a child who used to do well in his studies suddenly begins to lag behind, teachers should intervene.”

An Associate Professor of Development and Clinical Psychology, Mrs. Grace Idowu, defined bullying as a persistent, threatening and aggressive behaviour directed at a weaker, younger and less powerful individual. She added that such action could be verbal or physical.

The psychologist said an individual with the realisation of being bigger and stronger than others could develop the tendency of harassing smaller and younger pupils.

Idowu further stated that bullying starts from homes ,she said: “Children are not born to be bullies, they obviously learnt it from home. If a child grows up in a home where the father constantly bullies the mother, the child might grow up to become a bully, which the child was exposed to. If it is a female child, she may not become a bully, but she may end up acting like a male child. This is because she had been exposed to a rough, aggressive and volatile environment.

“Some parents are not aware that the type of environment they create at home goes a long way in shaping their child’s future. Children copy what they see their parents do. My daughter is in Junior Secondary 2; she attends a public school. Nowadays, she does not want to play with her siblings. She always looks withdrawn and lost in thoughts. When I inquired from her teacher about her behavioural change, her teacher said she was being bullied by some of her classmates. The teacher said she had tried many times to caution the pupils, but they have refused to stop the act.”

Another research has shown parents find it very difficult to address bullying .

A psychologist, Fola Oke called on parents to always interact with their children and ask them about their activities in school on a daily basis .

“A child who is bullied would not be happy at school and at home. If the parents notice this behaviour, they should make the child talk. The parents should also inquire from the class teacher about those bullying their child.”

He added that parents and teachers should train children to be more bold and always talk when they have been bullied.

“The child must resist when bullied instead of sulking. He or she must come out of his or her shell. Sensitisation from parents, teachers and developing a bold personality are ways a child can deal with bullying.”

 “There is a link among bullying, depression and suicide. When a child becomes depressed, he has no peace of mind, especially in school. He becomes more depressed as time goes on and the only way of escape is suicide.”

Other psychologists have also called on students to always speak and complain of being bullied until it is addressed. either to their parents or school teachers

Most recently , a video was trending on social media , where a senior student from Bingham University, Abuja , was flogging a freshman barbarously.
The victim’s cousin, Jemima Nnadi, also a fresh student in the school, shared the video, alleging that such inhuman treatment was being meted out to fresh students like them in the university.  

“This is what they go through as freshers in the university—bullying. This student should be found and duly prosecuted,” she said.

Although the student has been expelled by the school management , this is just one of the few cases where justice prevailed .

School managements sometimes attempt to cover up some of these situations and the government’s silence can be profound .

A case in point is the matter of one Sylvester Oromoni from Dowen College , Lagos state , a 12 year old who tragically died under suspicious circumstances which led to a public outrage.

It was reported that he was beaten, assaulted and poisoned, an incident that led to his death, the matter is still in court.

There were allegations of cover-up by parents of the victim , the dowen management claimed his injuries were sustained while playing football .

Five students and five employees of the college were also cleared of any wrongdoing by the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Lagos state .

Another burning case was the issue of Deborah Samuel ,who was gruesomely lynched in school premises in Sokoto State by her fellow classmates over allegations of blasphemy .

There is no record of the perpetrators of the cime being apprehended till date.

There are several cases of bullying in schools and some universities , but not enough perpetrators have been held responsible.

Despite this , the government has not taken any decisive stance on bullying in schooling institutions.

This needs to change before bullying in schools becomes a national emergency if it isn’t already .

To eradicate this menace , experts said individuals; groups and systematic interventions should be implemented in schools and must include students, teachers, administrators and parents.

They also suggested a more advanced method of monitoring every activity that goes on in schools  , while urging appropriate authorities to put stricter laws in place for perpetrators .


Ibraheem Ogunyemi

The Presidential candidate of the ruling party in Nigeria ,All Progressives Congress , Bola Tinubu , recently picked Senator Kashim Shettima as his running mate , both of the same religion .

This decision immediately generated ire and outcry in sections of the country  .

Some arguments  state that the Constitution clearly requires the Federal Government, the embodiment and seat of Nigerian sovereignty, to be inclusive and representative in order to “promote national unity” and “command national loyalty”.

How would a muslim-muslim ticket properly represent the 100 million christians in the country?

Of course the flip side of the argument is this , is Nigeria’s problem a religious matter ? Nigerians should be more concerned about electing the most capable hands regardless of religion and ethnicity.

Members of Christian Association of Nigeria have also expectedly kicked against the ticket .

One Eder Biodun Sanyaolu, Assistant General Secretary, CAN, condemned the act, saying the move would not be supported by members.

The Vice – Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress , Kashim Shettima , has defended the ticket on numerous occasions , pointing out that himself and Bola Tinubu are not coming to represent  Muslims or Christians . They want to represent the whole country as one and redefine governance.

“We are not coming into government to represent the Muslim or Christian faith. The Sultan of Sokoto and the CAN President are competent to represent their faiths. We are the Nigerian dream team that will catapult the country to a higher pedestal and we will redefine the concept of modern governance. The Christians have nothing to fear and there is no cause for alarm because we are one people with a common destiny.”

A member of the National Assembly , Senator Smart Adeyemi has hinted that NASS is considering a proposal to ban same faith presidential ticket going forward .

Nigerians have aired their positions on the whole situation .

A resident of Lagos , Adeyemi Sesan , said ‘ I don’t care about the religion or origin of who’s contesting , I just want someone who will solve Nigeria’s problems .Things are really tough at the moment. ‘

Another lagosian , Wasiu Olaniyi , disclosed that while he is not  really concerned  about a same faith presidential ticket , he can understand the reservations of some Christian citizens. ‘If I be Christian , I  for dey vex , I no blame them’

Jabar Ololade, another concerned citizen said   “Tinubu’s Muslim-Muslim ticket with Shettima will influence the decisions of some voters in the coming election. Nobody plans to make the 2023 election religion based, but the fear (of) Islamisation agenda which Buhari started is becoming too real and too scary.”

From the point of view of  John  Olokoobi , ‘muslims will never allow a Christian-Christian ticket to emerge as the President and Vice-President of the nation , why should we ? Thank God there are other options to vote for. ‘

Some citizens have outrightly called for the ban of the same faith presidential ticket , claiming that it reeks of ‘imbalance and polarity’ .


A building has again collapsed in Lagos. This occured in the early hours of Wednesday at the Oke-arin area of Ilupeju/Palm Groove. 

The incident was said to have recorded no loss of life, except for an adult male that sustained minor injuries. He was quickly rushed to the hospital for the necessary care and treatment.

A female adult also reportedly escaped death at the scene of the building collapse which occurred precisely at Number 15 of Oke-Arin Street, Ilupeju.

It was learnt that the incident was due to aging of the structure, making the building  become dilapidated. 

The affected area has since been cordoned off to prevent further threat.

In his updates about the incident, the Permanent Secretary, Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, LASEMA, Dr Oluwafemi Oke-Osanyintolu said, “Upon arrival at the incident scene, an abandoned 2 -storey building had collapsed to ground zero”.

The two-storey structure reportedly collapsed to ground zero at 12:45a.m on Wednesday, July 13 2022.



The Independent Electoral Commission (INEC ) building in Igboeze North Local Government Area office in Enugu state has been attacked. 

The National Commissioner of Information and Voter Education Committee, Festus Okoye confirmed the attack.

According to him, no casualties were reported  but 748 ballot boxes, 240 voting cubicles and other equipment were destroyed.

In his words, “the arsonists overpowered the security guards, forced their way into the premises, and set the building ablaze”

He revealed that the commission was working to ascertain the status of voter registration machines for the ongoing Continuous Voter Registration (CVR), as well as uncollected Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs), locked up in the fireproof cabinet.

The Commissioner stated that the attack coming in the middle of the voter registration exercise and other preparations for the 2023 general elections is worrisome.

He recalled that on May 23, 2021, the INEC office in the neighboring Igboeze South Local Government Area was attacked in a similar manner by gunmen.

Other onslaughts he recollected were former attacks on the Udenu Local Government Area office on May 13, 2021, and the State Headquarters in Enugu on May 16, 2021.

Okoye revealed that the  commission had since substantially recovered from the attacks and resumed normal activities in the places mentioned, including the CVR and collection of PVCs.

He assured that the commission would continue to work with the security agencies and the emergency services to protect the commission’s facilities.

The National Commissioner made it known that in this latest attack, the Resident Electoral Commissioner for Enugu state, Emeka Ononamadu, reported that the office was set ablaze by yet-to-be-identified gunmen at 11.48 pm on Sunday


Gunmen have shot at least five persons dead including a university lecturer and two policemen, in Benue State. 

The policemen were killed in Yelewata of Guma LGA, a border town between Benue and Nasarawa States when the armed men suspected to be bandits stormed the area. 

The spokesperson for the Benue State Police Command, SP Catherine Anene, has confirmed the incident. She affirmed having received report of two policemen killed in an operation, but according to her, details should come up subsequently.

Also, Fred Akaayar, a Mass communication lecturer at the Federal University, Wukari in Taraba State has been gunned down.

The lecturer and two others were killed, Thursday night, at Jootar in Ukum LGA, a border community between Benue and Taraba States.


Unknown gunmen have created chaos and attacked a palace in Panyam, Mangu Local Government , Plateau State , kidnapping the traditional ruler, His Royal Highness, Aminu Derwan.

The gunmen who were reportedly heavily armed and more than 20, kidnapped the monarch in the early hours of Monday.

A Panyam resident who confirmed the incident said ““Because his house was not fenced, some villagers who saw how his house was surrounded by strange people alerted other members of the community through a community bell. But immediately the bandits heard the bell, they started firing gunshots and eventually went away with the traditional ruler, leaving the community helpless.”

The incident has been reported to the district police division although as at the time of filing this report, the state police command has not made any statements.



An explosion which occurred in Kano State along court road ,Sabon Gari has left 4 persons dead and several injured.

The explosion which occurred about 9 30am dismantled a residential building and affected part of a private secondary school, Winners School .

An unverified number of pupils have been badly affected by the occurrence according to videos circulating.

Some affected schoolchildren have been rescued, while some were stuck at the scene before the arrival of emergency responders.

The National Emergency Management Agency and Fire service operatives are on the ground trying to salvage the situation.

Security operatives are alo on ground to monitor the situation.

The State Commissioner for information, Muhammad Garba , said the explosion occurred at an animal feed store opposite the school along Aba Road, Sabon Gari area of Fagge Local Government.

He added that an investigation has begun to determine the cause of the explosion and necessary actions to be taken .

The Kano State Commissioner of Police, Sama’ila Dikko,  however clarified that gas and not a bomb exploded in the state on Tuesday morning, adding that four persons have been confirmed dead.

He made the clarification during his visit to the scene of the incident.



The Accountant General of the Federation, Mr. Ahmed Idris, has been arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission over allegations of misappropriation and embezzlement of funds to the tune of N80bn.

The incident was confirmed by the Public Relations Officer of the EFCC , Wilson Uwujaren, adding that the AGF was picked up after failing to honour an invitation .

The agency further stated that Idris siphoned funds through various fake consultancies and other illegitimate means using family and friends.

The statement read in part, “Operatives of the EFCC on Monday, May 16, 2022 arrested the serving Accountant General of the Federation, Mr. Ahmed Idris, in connection with diversion of funds and money laundering activities to the tune of N80bn.

“The commission’s verified intelligence showed that the AGF raked off the funds through bogus consultancies and other illegal activities using proxies, family members and close associates.

“The funds were laundered through real estate investments in Kano and Abuja. Mr. Idris was arrested after failing to honour invitations by the EFCC to respond to issues connected to the fraudulent acts.”